We are expanding our reach on the trading market via a few new platforms

Improving our service in multiple ways is now just becoming real. This is truly happening and opening up a new gateway to new business connections as well. Plans we had in our mind for some time is truly taken place and we see a lot of positive thoughts too. The next step forward is to … Read more

Expanding our services a little bit more in every way

Recently our progress, services, and development be simply fantastic so far. Improvements could be seen and every individual sole trader is trying to contribute as much as possible. This is just a fantastic start to start planing a little bit more further as we grow right now. We have new plans in the place which … Read more


WHO WE ARE We’re a passionate team of experts focused on developing young talents and providing supporting for entrepreneurial businesses. Our primary goal is to help as many young entrepreneurs as possible fulfill their dreams through our ‘Sole Trade Individual Development Scheme (STIDS)’. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CHARITY DONATION CAMPAIGNS Covid19 didn’t just bring the … Read more

We are improving our contract negotiation business structure

After a long time and battle with COVID pandemic regulation and requirements, we are moving forward. Time was not really pleasant for our business which has an effective structure of development as well. The new regulation has taken place now including all essential updates to be able to progress in a better way. One of … Read more

Perfect solution for you and your online business

If you need a high-quality, and professional solution than we are here to serve you and offer you professional quality service you need. We are also highly motivated professionals with an excellent reputation which is providing 100 % quality service for you to meet your requirements. We can also provide you service with more than … Read more

Innovation in our team members include assignment and individual task completion

Researching new ways of standard, response, and interaction among our team members. The inspiration for the following research is base upon engagement and interaction base via social networks. The main reason why we have decided to do this procedure is because of the recent worldwide circumstances. COVID pandemic is caused a lot of trouble for … Read more

Carry out minor maintenance work via our blogger channel

Recently we are starting to working on essential maintenance work via our blogger channel. This includes a few different blogger websites which we are planning to use to expand our reach on the world wide web. Domain names and brand we are currently maintaining our part of our business development. We will now share a … Read more

Looking for long term marketing partner for cooperation

Our latest and recent marketing research is opening up new ways of opportunities. Now we have a few different variations which can significantly lead to big improvements in our work. Possible names about the marketing provider will remain secret for now. We will provide you an update on our progress once this deal has been … Read more

Undergoing maintenance for REKONSTRUKCIE BB

Our team is now having a schedule undergoing maintenance for domain name REKONSTRUKCIE BB. The following work has been a plan for a long time to make it happen. Business is running one single domain for now. They are also considering making an extension to reach a wider audience on the building market. When then … Read more

Setting up new marketing plans for future

Nowadays we are researching and working on new plans for our marketing campaigns. For your consideration, the following option was on our mind for some time now. We see now the right opportunity to bring them up and let them work.  One of the first steps is to research the market and find suitable deals. … Read more